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Vehicle underbodies are exposed to rough conditions in sub standard road surface areas. Stones get tossed up from the surface and, sometimes, the underbody actually hits the ground. GSI Deutschland GmbH, a major German car producer, in collaboration with Lanxess, is now equipping vehicles that are destined to end up in countries with poor road infrastructure with an engine under tray composed of tough thermoplastic composite construction.

The composite design of the under tray is considerably more resilient to impacts and destruction than prior materials. It’s over sixty percent lighter than those made with steel and up to twenty percent lighter than those made with aluminum. Continuous-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite is combined with direct long fiber thermoplastic compound and reduces the under tray weight by sixty percent versus steel.

Lanxess believes the compound will become a popular solution for underbody protection of vehicles. Other car manufacturers presently use steel or aluminum, which presents weight disadvantages.

Ecomass Technologies

For nearly twenty years, Ecomass Technologies has been delivering innovative solutions through thermoplastic composite materials, high density plastics, high density polymer, advanced composite materials and engineered thermoplastics. It has worked successfully with both government and commercial clients to solve a host of challenges. Its skill and expertise in the design and development of high density polymers and thermoplastic composite materials gives its customers the freedom to focus on design, form, and function. Ecomass’ goal is to empower its customers with the highest-performance and lowest-cost materials, thereby allowing them to effectively compete in their respective markets.

Engineered thermoplastics, “heavy plastics,” or high density polymers, which might seem to indicate otherwise, actually make parts lighter, exactly like the direct long fiber thermoplastic compound that reduced the undertray weights in the cars GSI Deutschland GmbH manufactured. But, whatever the intended use, be it to better performance, improve balance, or even shield radiation, manufacturers need high density materials that allow them to add mass.

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