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Golfers mostly always set out to strike the ball with the middle of the clubface in order to achieve the greatest distance and the best possible path. Some players, though, want to know right away if they’ve hit the ball off center, off the toe, or off the heel so that they can attempt to correct themselves. Such knowledge refers to the iron’s “feel.”

TaylorMade has developed irons with such feel. Its conventional looking P790 steel and graphite irons additionally attain distance and have a soft, forged (stamped from solid metal) feel. Maintaining both was a demanding challenge.

While TaylorMade used carbon steel in the body and clubface, they inserted SpeedFoam, an injectable Vibration damping material, into the clubhead. The SpeedFoam expanded to fill the area, but weighed just a few grams. The vibration dampening material provided maximum Coefficient of Restitution or COR, which to golfers, represents how much distance their swing speed can get out of a shot.

Ecomass Technologies

Ecomass Technologies is the pioneer and technological groundbreaker in high density plastics, high density polymers, thermoplastic composite materials, and high density engineered thermoplastics. It delivers material solutions to original equipment manufacturers and material processors around the globe. Its sales and engineering teams have helped commercial and government customers conquer physical property challenges by developing over 100 high gravity thermoplastic composite materials engineered for weighting, balancing, radiation shielding, and vibration dampening applications.

Energy waves, which have both frequency and amplitude, cause vibrations. All materials or material systems have natural or resonance frequency. Lowering resonant frequency achieves vibration isolation and reduces energy at the source. If, however, vibration isolation isn’t possible, introducing a dampening material reduces, restricts, or prevents the oscillatory systems’ oscillations and reduces its energy. Such is essentially how vibration dampening works.

Ecomass’ compounds deliver lead’s density and metal’s weight and physical properties, but with molded plastics’ design and production advantages. Manufacturers and processors can injectorcompression moldEcomass compounds. This eliminates secondary operations and reduces costs.

Many industries have successfully used Ecomass’s vibration dampening compounds in an array of application. Aircraft audio systems utilize them to improve reception quality and minimize outside noise. Sports and luxury automobiles employ them to decrease shifter rod vibrations. And, like Taylor Made, golf club manufacturers use them to make woods, irons and wedges and help golfers improve their swing and ball strike..

All Ecomass Compounds meet the EU RoHS Directive, are 100% lead free, do not contain any U.S. EPA toxic or hazardous materials, and comply with Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act.

Contact Ecomass today or see its website and complete one if its RFQ Forms to find out how you and/or your company might be able to use its compounds for Vibration dampening or apply them to any other valuable use.