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A new tennis racket was soon hit the sports world. In addition to its bouncing abilities that enhanced ball speed, to improve comfort and lessen the harsh feel upon impact, the manufacturing company injected the handle with vibration-dampening material.

Ecomass Technologies

Since 1998, Ecomass Technologies has provided innovative solutions through advanced composite materials and engineered thermoplastics. It’s worked with industry and government to overcome physical property and material challenges to meet their application needs. Its experience and proficiency in the formulation and development of high density thermoplastic compounds provides customers the freedom to function while it solves challenges. Ecomass Technologies’ goal is to empower it customers with the best materials at the lowest-cost and allow them to compete in their respective markets.

Vibration Damping

Waves of energy cause vibrations, so toeliminate vibrations; one must isolate or dampen vibration. Lowering resonant frequency isolates vibration and, thus, reduces energy at the source. Normally, engineers and designers try to isolate vibration at the source and keep it from reaching resonant frequency. If that’s not possible, they attempt vibration dampening by introducing high-density compounds.

Ecomass Vibration Damping Compounds

Ecomass’ compounds have been successfully used in a wide array of radiation shielding applications, including:

o Aircraft audio headphones, to improve reception quality and minimize outside noise.

o Golf club woods, irons and wedges, to improve swing and ball strike.

o In manual transmission shifters, to decrease shifter rod vibration.

Ecomass’ compounds are RoHS compliant and do not contain any other EPA hazardous or toxic material. As well, all Ecomass Compounds comply with Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act.

If you have a special requirement, contact Ecomass Technologies today. It has probably already solved it