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Frangible ammunition is pretty much the same than any other ammunition, with the key difference being that it uses a copper jacket instead of a lead core. The bullet is designed in such a way that when it hits a target harder than itself at full speed, it crumbles into pieces.

While this type of ammunition is expected to reduce the risk of collateral damage as the fragments are too small to cause any major harm, one of the biggest issues with frangible projectiles, and all other types of bullets for that matter, is that stray shots can often pose serious collateral damage, severe injury, and in some cases, even death.

Turns out a new research could soon be changing how the world looks at frangible bullets. Ernesto Marinero, professor of materials engineering, recently led a research group that has come up with a new range of frangible bullets which become non-lethal and completely disintegrate after traveling a particular distance, whether or not they hit an object.

The technology combines a limitation of range to the shrapnel-eliminating features of Frangible bullets and the stopping power of normal ammunition to limit the bullet’s range.

These frangible projectiles could drastically reduce the risk of injury and collateral damage, making such bullets even more preferable in sectors such as range shooting, law enforcement and military. The bullets have been patented by the Office of Technology Commercialization at the Purdue Research Foundation and can be licensed by companies.