Bullets have been around for a really long time. Man began using bullets made out of lead, stone or clay millennia before the concept of firearms was even developed and the Romans even managed to take the basic bullet to the next level with whistling bullets that traveled at speeds of 100 meters per second and were made using 1-ounce lead balls in their centers. The modern-day bullet has evolved tremendously, with one particular invention holding center stage- the frangible bullet.

The Purpose of a Frangible Bullet

Frangible bullets

Frangible projectiles were first created for shooting galleries back in the mid-20th century, but as science started to gain a foothold in the industry and the world progressed to a new era, these projectiles became more and more advanced. The main purpose of a frangible bullet is to eliminate or reduce the chance of a backsplash or a ricochet. While the early projectiles were more about minimizing injuries, the modern-day bullets are also about self defense and close-quarter battle.

The Composition of a Modern Day Frangible Projectile

The modern day frangible bullet is made with powder metallurgy, a process that requires sintering and pressing powdered metals into the shape of the bullet. Copper is the most commonly used metal because of its ductile and malleable properties, and also because it easily deforms under comprehensive and tensile stress. Other metals like tin are used as binding agents. The frangibility of these projectiles makes them the ideal choice for self defense, hunting and steel plate shooting. Not only do they offer a cleaner kill and the best chance to drop the attacker, they also disintegrate on impact to reduce the risk of wounding bystanders due to over-penetration.

A Cause for Concern?

Many shooters believe that lightweight projectiles are not accurate. However, when tested in real life situations, every caliber of frangible bullets turned out to be as accurate as non-frangible counterparts at distances that varied from 7 yards to 25 yards. With great accuracy, came great precision as well. In simple terms, accuracy is when you hit the target. Precision is when you hit the exact group where you wanted your bullet to land.

frangible projectiles

Getting the Job Done

Frangible projectiles aren’t just a great option for steel plates. They’re obviously a great choice for close quarter training, but they can also take your hunting and self defense to the next level. Permanent wound cavities, shattered bones and penetration depth ensure that they have a devastating effect on the target, while a lack of ricochet means that they only affect the intended target and not an innocent bystander. With frangible bullets, you’ll always have the option to get the job done quickly, while making sure it gets done right!

If you’re still to explore the world of frangible projectiles, it’s high time you get into the game. There’s no ricochet, no over-penetration, no backlash and the perfect aim. What’s not to love about this modern-day ammo!