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Anyone who has gone deer hunting probably has a fair share of horror stories of frozen torture and narratives of stopping that young buck in its tracks. Deer hunting is unlike any other. It demands persistence and patience, but most importantly it requires basic skill and a steely grit. While there is no substitute for sheer hard work and the ability to catch the animal dead in its tracks, having the right frangible projectile could certainly make the difference between a successful deer season or a few days of torture in the wild.


Hunters around the world are crediting frangible ammunition to a successful kill and you’d begin to wonder whether having the right ammunition can make so much of a difference. Could the solution to actually ending up with a deer really be so simple? Let’s find out.

Let’s say that you’ve used a particular brand of frangible projectiles

So what really went wrong? Was it just sheer bad luck? Probably not! Turns out that the deer hunting rifle shoots different brands of ammo differently. So what worked for you at the range might not work in the woods if you just happened to change the ammo. To save yourself from future embarrassment, make sure you follow these simple tips.

Choose the Right Frangible Ammunition

Try out the copper-alloy bullet. Since these bullets are less prone to fragmentation, they usually offer consistent expansion and can even retain as much as 90% of the original weight. This allows the bullet to penetrate deeper into the body, increasing the chances of a devastating wound. It also offers quicker and cleaner kills, something that every hunter loves.

Match the Load

Try to match the bullet you’re shooting with the game you’re trying to shoot. This sounds simple, but it could make a world of difference to the end result.


Carry Spares

Always make sure you have enough spare ammunition. You don’t want to run out of ammo and run to the local supply store, only to realize that your preferred brand of frangible ammunition isn’t in stock.

Use Identical Loads

The bullets you use to sight your hunting gun should have the same weight and grain to the bullets you use in the woods.

Avoid Changing the Ammo Mid-Season

If you must make a change, head over to the range to see how the new bullet performs in your deer hunting gun.

Remember, rifles tend to shoot different bullets in a different manner. If you’ve sighted your rifle with a particular brand and have seen some joy, stick with that brand for the entire hunting season. It could make a world of difference, or shall we say, the difference between ordering in some pizza or enjoying a rich venison stew.

Happy hunting!