Before we dive into the advantages of using frangible projectiles, it is necessary to understand what makes them so unique. The word “frangible” is used to describe a bullet that breaks up upon impact with a target or a substance that is harder than itself. Think of the bullet as throwing a sugar cube on a tile wall using a slingshot. The effect is quite similar, but way more controlled.

So what why is that exciting?

Well, there are a number of reasons to get excited, but the following are just some of the benefits that these frangible bullets offer.


Shooting Frangible Projectiles is a Lot of Fun

Shooting steel targets is actually a lot of fun. These targets give you immediate feedback, something that isn’t exactly possible on paper targets. It is far more dynamic as well. These projectiles are a lot of fun in competitive situations as well, allowing shooters to shoot side by side, one shooting from right to left, the other from left to right.

Eliminates the Scope of Ricochets

Using frangible bullets reduces one of the biggest dangers of a shooting range – ricochets. When these bullets hit their target, they break down into their original compositions of polymer and copper powder, falling harmlessly, greatly diminishing the chances of serious injury.

Eliminates the Scope of Lead Poisoning

The biggest benefit of using frangible projectiles is that they do not contain lead. This helps you stay away from lead poisoning and save yourself as well as those around you from the dangers of lead exposure. Just think of how damaging the Flint fiasco turned out to be. Wouldn’t you want to do everything possible to stay as far away from that ingredient as possible? The lack of lead also makes this bullet a great option for hunting.

Better for Self Defense

Frangible ammunition is far better in terms of self-defense as well. The bullet begins to break up upon impact with a medium but it still offers enough penetration, giving you the best chance of successfully stopping any advancing threats. Furthermore, in a situation where rounds are constantly flying, frangible bullets have a lesser risk of collateral damage to innocent bystanders as the round begins to dump energy the moment it strikes a medium.


Simply put, frangible bullets are way cheaper than solid copper, jacketed or traditional bonded hollow points. In fact, in many cases, the price difference is as much as half to the consumer in comparison to other high HP rounds.

Frangible projectiles have specifically been created for dynamic training ranges where you can shoot on steel targets and double your fun. They always offer a far more exciting experience and make it easier for you to hone your skills when compared to traditional modes of ammunition.