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Stop avoiding the gun range simply because you feel too shameful to use low recoil frangible projectiles. Turns out, ammunition companies are now coming up with a range of low-recoil ammunition which doesn’t just make shooting easier for lightweights, but also makes it incredibly stylish and fashionable!

Not a New Concept

There’s nothing new about low recoil frangible ammunition. It has been there for a while and brands like Federal and Remington have been offering rounds that slash recoil up to 50%. There are a few big boys in the game as well, which allow you to enjoy shooting the way the big boys do, without having to throw up your meal or hurt your back.


Getting ‘Hit’ isn’t Fun

Some people enjoy their recoil, but there are those who would love to get their hands on lead-free ammunition that’s lighter and easier. After all, having your head bounced off in the gym while you stand there helpless against the college bully doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. Sure, all physical pain isn’t bad, like aching legs screaming out for mercy after a long jog or sore muscles telling you to get up and go for a walk, but pain that could be easily avoided is another matter altogether.

How Much Recoil is Too Much?

The answer to this question possibly varies from individual to individual, but anything more than 20 pounds is never comfortable. And recoil that is greater than 40 pounds is sure to leave the strongest men shaking as well! Lightweight men, female shooters, young shooters, all benefit from lower recoil, and with these frangible projectiles, one can actually shoot without getting beat up.

There was a time when controlling recoil required you to make a trip to the gunsmith to install a muzzle brake on the barrel or give up shooting altogether. But that isn’t the case today. Low recoil lead-free ammunition makes shooting fun for young adults and women and those looking the least possible recoil without having to give up on their favorite rifle. Simply put, these rounds deliver lesser recoil while their modified trajectories still manage to offer an incredibly accurate and dependable performance.


How Can Ecomass Help?

Ecomass Compounds is currently developing a low-recoil light ammunition round that particularly targets shooters who are looking for ways to minimize the recoil felt in their favorite handgun. This lightweight frangible ammunition offers a far more comfortable shooting experience. Designed with the same technologies that are integral to our lead-free line of ammunition, this bullet is sure to give you an added advantage while shooting. Also available in pink for women looking for a more stylish and personalized round!

After all, what could be better than not having to worry about lead poisoning, not get beat up while shooting and enjoy shooting for everything that it’s meant to be at the same time!!