Who doesn’t have a cell phone today! Most people around the world simply cannot do without a phone, and this means that there exists a huge market for anyone concerned about the electromagnetic fields that these phones generate – and how EMF could possibly cause cancer. Over the years, a number of solutions have been put forward to counter EMF. Some believe that using earpieces instead of holding the cell phone close to the head works, while others use special lead-free shielding devices which allegedly block electromagnetic waves. But how effective are these shields?

The Aires Shield


The Aires Shield has recently been getting a lot of press as a device that could neutralize damaging radiation emitted from your phone. According to the company, the radiation can cause several issues such as headaches, insomnia, depression, stress and brain cancer. Sure, like every other purported radiation shielding device, it promises a lot. It is incredibly sleek and comes in a variety of forms that offer different types of protection, but like many other EMF shields, it might not be worth all that hype.

Not All Research is Science

The company states that the product has been ‘clinically approved’, but it doesn’t offer any evidence of the studies conducted to support its claim. Much of the research has been attributed to SPSU and almost all of the research has been carried out in Russia. However, the company fails to mention the names of the scientists who conducted this research and the language looks incredibly complicated as well. “A random selection of technical terminology” is how W. Kim Johnson, a past president of the New Mexico Academy of Science, describes the Aires website. Sure, the product could be entirely legitimate, after all, radiation shieldingdevices DO exist, but it seems best to wait for more information before making a purchase.

Making Your Cell Phone Safe

According to research, the electromagnetic fields generated by a cell phone aren’t strong enough to break the chemical bonds in a human cell, and therefore it cannot damage the cell the way ionizing radiation can. Moreover, the created fields are far weaker than the ones that occur naturally in a human body. Johnson suggests that the body is continuously exposed to all kinds of electromagnetic radiation, both man-made and natural and as a result, the EMF emitted cell phones literally pales out in comparison to the exposure to other sources of electromagnetic radiation.

Radiation Shielding Isn’t a Fallacy

Sure, research seems to suggest that you don’t need radiation shielding when it comes to your cell phones, but it has become essential to depend on materials that protect the body from radiation in a number of applications. The world has traditionally depended on lead, but since lead causes all kinds of health problems on its own, it simply had to be replaced. Today, a number of lead-free shielding materials have come up and are being commonly used for industrial and medical applications. So while you might not need EMF shields for your cell phone, you should certainly think twice before dismissing the concept altogether. After all, lead poisoning and radiation are issues that are becoming increasingly dangerous in the modern world.