You love it or you hate it. You simply cannot have it any other way. The .300 Blackout is one of the most unique frangible projectiles currently featured in the gun industry, and this non-mainstream bullet has people buying into the Blackout Fever recently.


Many are falling in love with the .300 Blackout, but it certainly has its own set of disadvantages. First and foremost, this is a non-versatile cartridge, which means that it never gives you a rifle-like feel. And that is the whole essence of shooting, isn’t it? Moreover, it isn’t as good over distances greater than a few hundred yards.

Going Ga-Ga

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At the other end of the spectrum, it is common to see people call the .300 Blackout the ‘best carbine cartridge in the world’. Sure, it isn’t the best option over a long range, but you aren’t Chris Kyle are you? When it comes to gun range and individual use, the .300 Blackout presents a greater impact authority than the 5.56 mm. In fact, the .300 Blackout turns out to be one of the most versatile cartridges, particularly when it is hand-loaded. Here are a few reasons why this non-mainstream frangible projectile stands out.

1. Versatile – Its versatility is undeniably its greatest asset. It can shoot bullets from the 110-grain at 2400 fps and the 220-grain at 1050 fps. The lighter grain bullet is perfect for deer and hog hunting, while the heavier ones are ideal with a good suppressor.

2. Modified .223 cases – The .300 Blackout uses the 5.56 mm/ .223 case, one of the prime choices for inexpensive, extensive hand-loading.

3. Compatible to suppressors – You may not need one, but you always want one. Who doesn’t dream of a gun where the only sound you have to deal with is the bolt cycling.

4. More authority – The 5.56 gets excellent mileage from your cartridge, but the .300 Blackout isn’t about mileage. It is designed to shoot projectiles with an energy that is close to the AK-47.

5. Cheap ammunition – A number of companies present excellent .300 Blackout loads at $1.5 a pop. And you can reduce that by one-thirds by hand-loading.

6. M16 parts – The 6.5 Grendel and the 6.8 SPC doesn’t work properly with M16-type magazines, but that’s not the case with a .300 Blackout. It uses the same gas system and bolt and cycles beautifully with standard M16 magazines. This means that you never have a problem transforming a 5.56 AR 15 into a .300 Blackout.

I Can’t Deal with Lead

Companies like Ecomass Compounds offer lead-free alternatives for the .300 Blackout. The recent crisis in Flint showed us just how susceptible we are as a society to the dangers of lead, and you can certainly do your bit by going for lead-free ammunition. Not all .300 Blackout cartridges are lead-free, but certain companies are offering green ammo to those wanting to join the Blackout Fever without compromising on their promise to avoid the use of lead.