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Hunting is as thrilling as a sport can be, but the more one hunts, the more one comes to realize just how unforgiving this ancient art really is. The sport can be incredibly unpredictable and split-second decisions usually end up being the difference between a successful kill and a miss. The modern man has a number of technologies to aid him while hunting, but this very technology also made hunting more unpredictable than ever. Well, at least until man discovered the frangible bullet and more specifically the ballistic tip!

Blow a Gasket, No More


The biggest advantage of using ballistic tips is that they make the hunting bullet incredibly predictable and improve performance. Whether you’re chasing blacktails, whitetails, deer or antelopes, this proprietary matrix tip provides energy retention as well as high downrange velocity without compromising on precision accuracy. In other words, the ballistic tip provides the kind of consistency, accuracy and punch you need to put down the buck, irrespective of the situation.

Ballistic tips are essentially wind-defying flat-shooting bullets which use polymer tips and ballistic boat-tails to protect the tip from damage and increase long-range efficiency. The tapered jacket also allows for controlled expansion at all velocities and practical ranges. Simply put, the reason ballistic tips exist is to equip bullet tips with frangible ammunition that helps in creating a larger wound cavity, thereby making the hunting round more effective than usual.

The Hunter’s Perspective

The advantage of using a ballistic tip is two-fold. Firstly, the top covers the hollow cavity, thereby making the bullet more aerodynamic in nature. This means that the velocity the bullet is able to retain is far greater than a standard hollow point. Secondly, the ballistic tip expands upon impact because the tip gets pushed back into the cavity, thereby forcing the bullet to expand. This allows for precision accuracy and increased kill efficiency, a common problem with the standard bullet.

Penetration Vs Expansion

The old argument that ‘complete penetration presents a better blood trail to follow’ may have complicated things a bit, but hunters are finally beginning to see the light offered by bullets that enter, expand and expend all their energy inside the deer. Most hunters start off old-school, but soon come to terms with the advantages offered by expanding bullets and ballistic tips. The biggest issue with penetrating bullets is that apart from causing internal damage, the bullet also expends a lot of energy in the shrubbery behind the deer, thereby making it a dangerous tool to play with. In fact, many jurisdictions have actually banned the use of such bullets due to the dangers they pose.

Moreover, expansion is a good thing because the transfer of energy allows for a larger wound channel and makes the hit more effective by disrupting vital functions. And the hunter never cares whether the bullet exited the deer or not. What the hunter ultimately cares about is whether it managed to hit the vitals.

Going Ballistic


The traditional focus of materials created by Ecomass Compounds was to offer lead-free ammunition, green bullets and safer training ammunition. However, we also began to concentrate on creating applications for the hunting industry and were successful in coming up with ballistic tips. We mold #high-density materials such as copper polymer composites into ballistic tips and add them to standard hunting rounds to present new ways and solutions in ammunition space. They might have been around for decades, but ballistic tips are still seen as the next best thing, and we are delighted to be a part of this world.