vibration dampening A vibration dampening material is a material which is used to reduce or eliminate the noise in structural, industrial, ergonomic and electronic applications. The noise is caused by the resonance of the initial sound waves and vibrations. There are numerous reasons why vibration dampening must be implemented. Many methods exist to help solve this problem. However, the quality of the dampening depends on the material that has been used. Therefore, it is always important to choose the best vibration dampening materials. Otherwise, the efforts to eliminate or reduce the effects of vibrations or noise caused by resonance may be useless. One of the best vibration dampening materials used today is Sorbothane.

In case you are wondering what vibration dampening really is, consider the following information. Damping is often referred to as the energy dissipation attributes of a system or material. In the case of a system, damping is said to be the attribute of a cyclically stressed system. It is the conversion of mechanical vibration from a source into thermal or heat energy. The actual total energy that is dissipated in this process is said to be the damping level of a material or system.

vibration-damping-materialHow do vibration dampening materials work? The vibration dampening materials operate by altering the actual vibrating frequency of a system or material. In this way, they are able to lower the noise levels or the amount of energy carried by the radiated noise. On the other hand, the transmission losses of a material or system are also increased. In general, the overall energy carried by sound waves or vibrations is reduced. This reduction is advantageous because it prevents damage to certain items including electronic equipment and mechanical systems.

A good number of electronic items are vulnerable to the effects of external vibrations. For example, computers, mobile phones, car navigation systems and other electronic gadgets can be affected by external vibrations in various ways, including affecting their levels of performance.The major ways in which such external vibrations are created are accidental dropping, shipping and impact against certain surfaces. Airplane navigation systems are also protected from external vibration sources.

When designing any electronic device or electronic system, vibration dampening is very important and has to be considered. Due to its untold effects on the performance of a system, it is usually among the most important aspects of design. There are numerous measures that are put in place to reduce the effects of external vibrations. The choice of a vibration dampening material is usually vital when preventing the effects of external vibrations.