lead free ammunitionLead bullets are still very common today for a number of purposes. However, over the years some, people have been trying by all means to shift to something new. Today, copper has started taking over the role of lead in the manufacturing of bullets as well as other lead free ammunition products. In particular, hunting bullets are no longer made of lead. Rather, they are made of copper, a lead substitute. There are numerous reasons that can account for the move to copper ammunition. However, the most notable reasons why it is not advisable to use lead bullets are the dangers lead bullets can cause to the health of animals, humans, and ecosystems.

Animal health is usually at risk when lead bullets are used. There are numerous ways in which animals can suffer fromthe effects of lead when it enters the blood stream. One example is hunters who kill animals using lead bullets but do not take the carcass with them.The lead from the bullet can remain in the animal after it dies, and if another animal or bird eats part of the carcass which is contaminated, it will also end up suffering the effects of lead.

lead substitutePeople’s health is also a concern when lead poisoning is brought into the picture. There are numerous reasons why people’s health is at risk when lead bullets are used. If people perpetually consume meat that has been sourced from animals poisoned by lead or killed using lead bullets, they will also be at risk of suffering the effects of lead poisoning. Therefore, killing animals with lead bullets for consumption has to be avoided at all costs.

Pregnant women are very susceptible to lead poisoning. If a pregnant woman eats an animal that has been killed by a hunter using lead bullets, she and her baby will be at risk of lead poisoning. If the doses of lead are very high, the pregnant woman involved will put the life of the child she is carrying at risk.

Ecosystem disturbance is another risk of killing animals using lead bullets. If one animal in the food chain consumes an animal poisoned by lead, all the animals in the food chain will be contaminated.