Frangible ammunition are bullets that are designed to disintegrate into small fragments upon impact. Such bullets, otherwise known as green ammo, are particularly effective as training ammunition for two primary reasons: 1) because the fragmenting nature eliminates ricochet risk; and 2) because such bullets are lead-free, thereby eliminating the health risks associated with firing, handling and cleaning up lead rounds, a particular concern for indoor ranges.

Frangible bullets

#Frangible bullets ostensibly powderize upon impact with a stronger surface.Frangible ammunition is employed most often by law enforcement and military personnel taking part in training exercises such as close quarter combat exercises in which ricochet risk is eliminated.This means that frangible bullets can be aimed at a steel target at any distance without any risk that the bullet will rebound and potentially harm the shooter or others. In military combat training, targets are positioned on iron backing plates with the aim of completely fragmenting the bullet to abate any and all ricochets.

Frangible ammunition is not armorpiercing weaponry. In fact, they are just the opposite.Perhaps the most important distinction of frangible bulletsfrom lead bullets is the very fact that frangible ammunition is lead free. As such they are environmentally benign and do not pose any health risks to the shooter, unlike lead rounds, the regular handling and clean-up of which can pose health complications and increases the likelihood of lead poisoning.

Frangible bullets are normally produced from non-toxic metals and are utilized in operations where lead bullets are undesirable.Powder metallurgy technologies are employed to make metal composites that have features very close to those of lead. Bullets are made from mixtures of metallic compounds which are then sintered to yield a high-density substance. Mechanical interlinking and “cold brandishing” join the metallic mixtures together; this can be configured to control the features of the lead substitute. Frangible bullets can be produced as projectiles which are then jacketed, or they can be produced to replace a fully jacketed round, thereby eliminating the need for a jacket at all. Other green ammo manufacturers utilize an injection molding process to produce these lead free bullets.


The use of injection moldingto manufacture frangible bullets has proven to be a viable substitute for their lead counterparts. Frangible ammunition is lead free, however, it nevertheless matches the speed and ballistic performance of lead projectiles.

The utilization of injection molding helps ensure the frangible bullets’ properties are tightly controlled, achieving extremely narrow tolerances.The material density, composition,and the processing conditions can all be adjusted to modifythe density and collision behavior. Such factors play a crucial role in conditions where ricochet, dispersion and collateral safety are of major importance. The features of lead alternative materials can be manipulated so that a bullet disintegrates into tiny pieces upon impact with a hard target, but remains unaltered when coming in contact a soft object. Frangible ammunition is ideal for close-quarters military exercise, or when used by the military in sensitive environments. Moreover, the mass of the material can changed over a wide range, permitting roomsfor novel designs andnew opportunities for ballistic technology.