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Since almost the inception of ammunition, bullets with lead tips and lead bases have been used in ammunition. They are still being used today in a great numbers, butmore and more research studies have found evidence of negative health and environmental effects from lead based ammunition and have suggested the need for a lead free alternative to standard bullets. Green bullets, as the name suggests, are the environmental friendly lead replacement ammunition alternatives that are meeting this new demand.

Why is a Lead Substitute so Important?

Lead bullets can result in many problems. Lead is a poisonous substanceand the use of lead bullets poses serious health threatsto the shooter if not properly addressed. Discharging lead bullets exposes lead particles into the air which are inhaled by the shooter, and which collect in shooting ranges with potential for serious health concerns for range shooters and staff.Lead substitute bullets deliver the same ballistic performance of standard lead bullets but eliminate any safety concerns posed by lead.Moreover, lead free ammunition is frangible, causing it to powderize upon impact. Conversely, lead bullets tend to disperse in hundreds of tiny sharp pieces when they collide with a hard surface which lead to dangerous ricochet concerns for close quarter firing. Ricochet, however, is not possible with green bullets or frangible bullets, thereby greatly increasing shooter safety at ranges or in close quarters combat.frangible-ammunition-projectile-e1389710028108

Technology Used

Many of these new lead freebullet technologies use non-hazardous polymers filled with metal powders.The dramatic negative environmental pollution posed by lead bullets also gives another reason to consider the advantages that lead substitutes such as high density polymers and tungsten ammunition offer.

Benefits for Hunters

Hunters who use lead bullets while hunting can be at a risk of developing health problems. Duck hunters who use lead rounds can end up poisoning their very hunting grounds as ducks and fish can swallow discharged lead bullets which leads to lead poisoning. However, hunters using lead replacement bullets can hunt with equal performance but with no negative environmental impact.

Availability of Green Bullets

Lead replacement green bullets can be purchased at various retail outlets such as Academy, Walmart and Cabela’s.This ammunition is available in calibers from 9 mm, 40 cal, 4.56 mm, 5.56 mm and even 40 mm.

Thus green bullets or any replacing lead will add great benefit to the environment. They will help reduce environmental pollution at firing ranges and will also lessen the health concerns posed to the shooter.