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Plastics have become the most used material in every aspect of human life and industry, whether it is manufacturing, retailing, agriculture, education, transportation, or even communication. The amount with which the usage of plastic has increased is uncanny. The demand for plastics has increased rapidly because of the relative low cost and the ease in processing it. With the advancements in technology, material science and in the industries which serve to process plastic, like injection molders and extruders, the versatility and possibilities of plastic materials grows every day. As a result, plastic is being used more and more to replace standard materials because of some of the advantages it offers. One particular standard material that is being replaced by plastics at an increasing pace is lead. Lead is an extraordinarily versatile material which offers great performance across a wide number of applications. It is also cheap and prevalent which everybody likes. The problem, however, is that it is a toxic material which poses serious health risks to individuals and the environment alike.

ecomass compoundThe increasing environmental and health concerns in the global marketplace have created immense demand for lead free solutions across various industries. One supplier, Ecomass, has built its company and brand around being able to deliver high density plastics that can serve as high performance lead replacement solutions. Ecomassis committed to reducingthe negative impact of lead on the global environment.

Ecomass’ high density plastics deliver the weight of metals with the advantages of plastics. The most important property of these plastics is the ability to seamlessly modify their formulation according to the application, to make them as affordable as possible while delivering the necessary physical properties as demanded by the application. This ability to customize the material exactly to one’s needs offers considerable performance benefits as compared to traditional materials, such as ceramics, glass, steel, aluminum, lead and zinc. The ever increasing need for quality lead replacement materials has pushed the demand for high density materials higher. Requirements such as adding weight in order to enhance performance, balancing assemblies to enhance service life, dampening vibration to make customer contact experience more profound, shielding radiation to enhance safety standards,or providing lead free ammunition are fulfilled using high density materials wherein the original and designer equipment manufacturers can add mass to precise locations in their products.

It is not only the manufacturers who are concerned about lead’s detrimental effects. Even officials in the military and law enforcement sector have realized the environmental impact of a lead bullet. They have also become genuinely concerned and have decided to switch to lead free ammunition, also known as “green ammo” or training ammunition, which has similar ballistic performance of lead rounds, without being toxic.

frangible-ammunition-projectile-e1389710028108-1024x742Frangible ammunition is an answer to lead free ammunition, though the only difference is the projectile. Ecomass’ frangible projectiles are manufactured using an injection molding procedure, which is capable of withstanding the most stringent tolerances for ensuring recurring performances. As a result, they are a perfect ballistic match to lead roundsat a distance of 100 meters. The bullets used for frangible ammunition are composed of polymers and metal powders. Beyond eliminating the toxic concerns of lead rounds, lead free ammunition serves another meaningful purpose by reducing shrapnel risk. Lead bullets break into small particles when hitting a hard enough surface, and depending on the range from the shooter and the target, this can result in considerable shrapnel and ricochet risk to the shooter. Lead free ammunition is designed to be completely frangible, such that it completely powderizes upon impact. As such, this is an ideal choice for close quarter’s combat training.

Ecomass Technologies is one of the first suppliers to offer density-equivalent lead-free thermoplastic solutions in the world. More importantly, Ecomass is committed to continually enhancing and refining its technologies to sustain itself as a leader in providing lead free materials across industries globally.