Frangible, or “soft,” rounds are designed in such a way that they break when they hit hard surfaces,like walls or steel targets. Frangible ammunition is definitely a paradigm shift which has occurred in the ammunition industry, Frangible Bullets being the major development. Standard projectiles need not be used for close quarters combat orrange shooting. With the discovery of rescue tactics for hostages in the late 70’s and early 80’s, the police and military departments started looking for options to minimize risks of penetration. With the advent of Frangible ammunition,shooters can now engage themselves in hitting the target from close range, without the risk of being hit by a backsplash or a ricochet.

frangible-ammunition-projectile-e1389710028108-1024x742Frangible Bulletsare hybrid compositesand are either jacketed in copper, similar to standard lead rounds, or in some cases are produced such that the composite makes up the entire bullet (i.e. there is no jacket). Frangible bullets are not made from lead projectiles with a copper jacket. Instead, they are polymer compounds, which are designedto be frangible such that they break up into many smaller pieces when they come in contact withhard surfaces and objects. This frangible property of the bullets increases the round’s energytransfer to the object and eliminates the chances of fragmented bullet pieces ricocheting off the target in different directions, at different velocities and causing potential harm to the shooter. Every small piece of bullet completely powderizes upon impact with the target, causing no danger to the shooter.These bullets have been designed to fulfil a variety of shooting applications, and include the following advantages and uses:

• The primary use of frangible bullets is for training purposes to minimize lead hazards, when practicing atfiring ranges.

• They are useful while practicing marksmanship training, for outdoor and indoor ranges

• Tactical team training

• Specialized service usage

• Close quarters combat

In short, these bullets provide the safest full-power training ammunition for military and police shooters, casual shooters and civilian range owners. They are also very environment friendly,whereas lead from shot and bullets poses major environmental and health problems at various private, public and government operated shooting ranges.Frangible ammunition is a great alternative to standard lead rounds as it doesn’t jeopardize the health and safety of human and animal populations as lead does.

Ecomass Technologies has realized the need to provide the ammunition industry with a lead free alternative to traditional lead rounds. One of the most significant applications of Ecomass High Gravity Compounds has therefore been for the production of non-toxic lead free projectiles for the use of military and law enforcement personnel. These projectiles have been strictly tested for ballistic performance by the military and by many of the leading ammunition manufacturers and are accepted as a 100% match to lead based projectiles.

EcomassCompounds are used as frangible projectiles for Military training ammunition projectiles and breaching grenade projectiles for law enforcing personnel.

We are continuously refining our technology innovatively to provide the best solutions for lead free frangible ammunition technology and to eliminate the toxic effects of lead on humans and the environment alike.