X-rays are a crucial segment of health technology and are indispensable for monitoring as well as diagnosing medical conditions. For years lead has been the material of choice to produce X-ray shielding and is utilized in a wide array of shielding products, ranging from shipping containers to lead sheet and laboratory accessories, etc.

X-ray shielding materials are utilized widely in the healthcare industry. Patients are unprotected to powerful x-rays for brief periods of exposure, which can nevertheless be dangerous. For physicians, however, who have to perform the procedure on several patients daily, this repeated exposure can become a significant risk. Surely, most are aware that exposure to x-rays is hazardous to your wellbeing. However, while most are aware of the risks of x-ray technology, fewer seem to understand the health risks of lead, the material still most commonly used to provide x-ray shielding. While lead can successfully shield and protect users from x-rays, it is nevertheless a toxic material and exposure to it can lead to its own health concerns.

Lead free X-ray shielding materials:

The extensive use of lead for X-ray shielding can be easily observed these days as, unfortunately, lead is still regarded as the most ideal material for radiation shielding solutions due to its low cost. Despite its low cost attractiveness for manufacturers, lead is a dangerous material that can cause significant environmental degradation in addition to human health risks. As such, there’s also global pressure to eliminate or minimize the utilization of lead in industrial products.


Thanks to government and scientific studies we are increasingly aware that lead is extremely lethal and can lead to water source contamination and land pollution. As a result people are now looking for lead-free materials for X-ray shielding as well as other ionizing radiation sources. Ecomass Technologies have brought forth a material revolution to meet this demand, by producing environment friendly thermoplastic composites that supply hundred percent lead equivalency radiation shielding protection but without any lethal components.

Convenient X-ray solutions provided by Ecomass:

Ecomass deliver completely safe x-ray shielding plastics that help OEMs deliver an inventive, secure and very affordable X-ray solution that reduces lead exposure to less than one percent of permitted professional doses. Through the utilization of strict practices in research and development, and in testing and refining designs for advancement, Ecomass ensures the delivery of the finest quality materials and products to their clients all over the world. They continually evaluate their success via independent certification, cautious building code observance, and the utilization and requirement of their materials in a numbers of government and private-sector programs with strict regulatory requirements.

Ecomass’s products are highly appreciated by the dental care industry:

Ecomass has provided some fantastic lead free x-ray shielding solutions to the dental care industry. Its lead free thermoplastic composites have been utilized to produce handheld dental X-ray product line. Weighing just five pounds, the lightweight cordless X-ray tools made from Ecomass’s high density thermoplastic compounds have helped significantly to save time and decrease exposure for dental hygienists, dentists, and their patients.