Plastics have become a ubiquitous material prevalent in almost every facet of human life and industry, whether it is agriculture, building construction, medicine, education, transportation, packaging or communication. The main cause for the popularity of plastic comes from the immense range of properties that can be achieved with various plastics, in addition to its relative low-cost and ease in processing. The demand for plastics has been steadily growing since their advent. In last six decades, the plastic industry has grown internationally with present usage of more than 130 MMTPA.

Ecomass has changed the quality of plastic:


Ecomass Technologies promises to deliver the highest quality thermoplastic composites without any toxicity concerns. One of the best features of Ecomass’s thermoplastic compounds is their ability to achieve the physical properties of metals with the production advantages of plastics, offering injection moldable plastic solutions to replace conventional materials like ceramics, glass, steel, lead and zinc. There are several applications for which designers and equipment manufacturers require high density plastic materials that enable them to place significant mass in precise areas. Applications that require a balancing, weighting, radiation shielding or vibration dampening solution all depend on mass and precision, and this is where Ecomass thermoplastic compounds deliver innovative solutions.

Ecomass’s entire product ranges are lead free:


Because of increasing environmental and regulatory concerns in the global marketplace, the demand for lead free solutions inall industriesis growing. Ecomass is fully committed to providing lead replacement material solutions for manufacturers Ecomass and is committed to reduce the negative impact of lead on the world’s natural environment. They also work closely with suppliers and customers to identify and quickly eliminate harmful substances from each and every product.

Ecomass’s high density plastics promises to deliver the weight of Metals with the advantages of Plastics:

Ecomass remains committed to progress and is constantly working to develop new and better formulations tailored specifically to new and exciting applications. In the golf industry, Ecomass continues to refine and develop compounds to deliver the precise weight required by club-head manufacturers while also improving performance by dampening vibration transmitted through the club upon ball-striking. Similarly, Ecomass materials are finding their way into more and more automotive applications, with compounds that can successfully replace die-cast zinc and lead parts. And finally, Ecomass continues to develop new materials for a variety of lead-free projectiles in an effort to expand their ‘green ammo’ product line and to provide military and law enforcement personnel with a completely non-toxic training experience.