For years scientists, medical experts and researchers have understood that lead and other kinds of toxins when exposed to the atmosphere or a water supply are hazardous to human health. In fact, with the proliferation of technologies and the growth in manufacturing, the human exposure to toxins and chemicals has significantly increased in the last hundred years, resulting in some significant health risks. Lead has immense negative effects on the operation of different systems inside the human body. Higher levels of exposure it could be fatal and in lower levels it can slowly poison your body, leading to significant long-term health concerns.

Lead can be found in several common household products. Lead is prevalent in antique jewelry, crystal, plastic toys, pottery and ceramic glazes. It has also contaminated water supplies, especially where there’s industrial waste pollution from insecticides or pesticides. Exposure to lead in the atmosphere is extremely problematic as once this metal stored inside the body it can result in extreme health conditions.


Workers who are exposed to lead in the work place can develop an assortment of illness, such as gastrointestinal effects, neurological effects, anemia and kidney aliments. As a result, employers are required to safeguard employees from extreme lead exposure under OSHA lead standard covering shipyards, construction and general industry. The lead standard ascertains an acceptable exposure limitation of 50 ug/m3 of lead for eight working hours for all workers. Workers can take action against their employer if the above mentioned rules are broken. As such, many industries and product developers are looking for lead replacement materials and parts so that they can avoid any lead related health hazards to their workers and the significant regulatory costs and concerns that accompany any use of lead in the workforce.

Take advantage of Ecomass’s unique lead replacement compounds:

Introduced in 1999, Ecomass Technologies has become the industry leader in producing high density lead replacement plastics. Ecomass Compounds are completely non-hazardous and are utilized as superior lead replacement materials. Ecomass products are eco-friendly, containing absolutely no environment pollution whatsoever. Furthermore, these thermoplastic composites accomplish the density of lead, thus providing near identical physical properties without any deadly concerns.

Ecomass’s injection moldable high gravity compounds are a great lead substitute material. Most importantly these high density engineered thermoplastics can be custom formulated and developed to meet the density and physical property requirements of your specific application needs. Therefore Ecomass’s product can be an ideal lead replacement material, especially for those seeking an injection molding solution.

Ecomass’s high density specialization:

Specializing in high density and lead replacement applicaitons, Ecomass high gravity compounds can be formulated up-to 11 g/cc and can be used in an extensive range of applications including balancing, weighting, vibration dampening and radiation shielding. Most importantly, all Ecomass composites meet the RoHS instruction, are hundred percent lead free, and don’t contain any harmful materials.